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A blow dryer is indispensable for regular hair care, and, since there are so many models on the market, you certainly want to get one that is superior in every way. Different attachments are now delivered with almost any blow dryer you can find, and these attachments can make the difference in quality and results. In this buying guide, we will focus on giving you information on models with brush attachments and what you should expect in a good quality model.

The best blow dryers with brush attachments 2017 double as hair stylers

What is so great about blow dryers that come with comb attachments is that they become personal hair stylers since you will be able to comb and disentangle your hair while you are drying it. Be aware that this is the type of blow dryer you should get if you like straight hairstyles.

For volume and waves, you should get one with a special bristle brush. There are several great models on the market that can double as hair stylers for you, and you should pick one of these. Make sure that you go for tried and tested, brands, since these manufacturers are sure to provide you with the type of blow dryer you need.


Anti frizz capabilities

While combing your hair and styling it at the same time you are drying it is very convenient, the second thing you should look for in your blow dryer is some anti frizz capabilities. For smooth tresses that look like you have just got out of a beauty salon, you need a model that knows how to handle frizz.

This means that you should look for a blow dryer with tourmaline ceramic technology, a blend of materials that helps your hair remain smooth and silky, locking in its natural moisture. Ionic technology is another plus, since the negative ions emitted by the blow dryer will neutralize static, therefore eliminating frizz.


Adjustable temperature

If you are getting a blow dryer with brush attachments, you should also opt for a model that comes with different temperature settings. As you may want to spend a little while styling your hair, you need to have a blow dryer that works on low temperature, in order to prevent heat damage. Especially if you have fine hair, you will find this feature very helpful. Preventing heat damage is key for having beautiful hair that remains healthy.

The best blow dryers with brush attachments currently available are showcased below.



Best Blow Dryers with Brush Attachments in 2017


Infiniti Pro by Conair


The Infiniti Pro by Conair is more than just a blow dryer, it is a hair styler that will help you achieve beautiful looking tresses just the way you like it. The model comes equipped with ionic technology that is very efficient against frizz; your hair will look smooth and shiny and it will also be healthier, as this technology helps with sealing in natural moisture inside hair cuticles.

The heat provided is gentle and the tourmaline ceramic technology prevents heat damage; this also makes the Infiniti Pro by Conair a great choice for women with all kinds of hair type. No matter if you have fine, delicate hair, or thick, coarse curls, you will find this blow dryer a great buy.

The attachments, however, are the icing on the cake for this Conair hair dryer with brush attachment. One bristle brush helps you achieve volume and create beautiful waves, while the two combs available as attachments are great for straightening your hair and disentangle your strands while you are blow drying.

There are two settings for temperature and two settings for speed, giving you great control over your hair styling options. Use the cool shot button when you want to lock your hairstyle in place, for maximum, salon like, effect.

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Andis 82105


Created by a company with a long standing tradition in making personal care products, the Andis 82105 in included by the hair dryer with brush attachment reviews 2017 when talking about the best models available. The metallic gold housing makes a direct statement about the capabilities of this blow dryer.

Equipped with Even-heat ceramic technology, this blow dryer is capable of preserving the natural oils inside your hair, as well as moisture, and you will be extremely pleased with how your hair looks, once you are done. Your hair will be completely free of frizz and it will be healthy and happy.

There are different features that recommend this particular model from Andis, but let’s talk a bit about the brush attachments available. A bristle brush made from boar hair is ideal for volumizing hair and creating beautiful waves.

The fine tooth pick and the wide tooth pick are great for disentangling your hair and they help with achieving straight hairstyles. Due to the ionic technology used, your hair will not suffer from the usual consequences of static, and you will enjoy perfect hair without putting effort into it. Use the cool shot button last for locking your hairstyle in place.

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Vidal Sassoon VS783


Vidal Sassoon is well known for bringing numerous novelties in the world of hair care over the years. Their products are renowned for excellence and performance, and the Vidal Sassoon VS783 is yet another proof of their dedication to quality. This blow dryer is powered by a 1875 watt motor that guarantees strong airflow for quick drying.

The attachments available are very helpful with styling your hair. A styling brush is available, for achieving various hairstyles, while the smoothing and detangling attachments help with straightening hair and making it smooth and shiny.

You will love how your hair will look like after you are done with your blow dryer. The model comes with its own ion emitter, so it is very efficient at eliminating static and frizz.

With 3 temperature settings and 3 different speeds, this blow dryer is a veritable hair styler that will help you during the times when you are too busy to get to the salon. Capable of drying your hair fast, and equipped with all the needed attachments for fast styling, this is a must have product that will never disappoint you. Among the other features that must be mentioned, the cold shot button is an added plus.

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