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Coarse hair has different necessities when it comes to blow drying, and if your hair falls into this category, it is essential that you are getting exactly what you need when you go shopping for a blow dryer. We want to help you out, which is why this buying guide is focused on providing you with the best information on how to get the best blow dryer for coarse hair in 2018.

Multiple heat settings

If you have coarse hair, you need to deal with it carefully, or, otherwise, it will just begin to break and you will not be able to leave your hair long. Also, even if you do not plan that, your hair will just start looking bad, and even numerous visits to the salon will not help. You must start with proper basic care for your hair, which means that you need to focus on getting a model with multiple heat settings. This way, you will be able to control how much heat you apply, in order to prevent damage.


Proper attachments

It is equally important to see what attachments are provided with your purchase. Your blow dryer should come with a diffuser and a concentrator, if you want to make the best out of what your blow dryer can offer.


Heat technology

It is highly advised to go with a model with ceramic technology. Basically, the copper coils in such a blow dryer are replaced with ceramic, in order to reduce the risk of burning your hair. The best blow dryer for coarse hair reviews 2018 suggest that you should get a model with ionic technology, too, since this is great for reducing frizz. This way, you will avert a bad hair day more often than not.

The best blow dryers for coarse hair are showcased below.



Top Blow Dryers for Coarse Hair in 2018



RUSK Engineering W8less 


The RUSK Engineering W8less truly deserves its name, since it weighs under one pound, which makes it one of the most lightweight models on the market. If you are the kind of person who washes their hair quite often and need to quickly dry their mane, you will appreciate your blow dryer to be this light.

The model comes with ceramic and tourmaline technologies, which heavily reduce the impact of heat on your hair, and prevent accidental burning. The infrared heat waves delivered by the blow dryer are capable of penetrating hair, drying the cuticles, but without sacrificing the natural moisture that makes hair shiny and healthy.

Because of its high power – 2000 watts – this model is often thought to be the best blow dryer for thick coarse hair around, and it is highly recommended by many. There will be no more frizz and other unpleasant mishaps, when you are drying your hair with this great model.

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Kingstar Professional 


A model with adjustable heat levels, the Kingstar Professional is very handy and it offers you the possibility to style your hair just as you like it.

Various technologies have been employed on this specific model, in order to provide the buyer with the best results possible. Tourmaline and ceramic are used for reducing the risk of burning your hair when you are blow drying it. A lot of hair damage in the past was due to blow dryers that were simply too powerful.

This model offers the best balance between the superior power of the motor needed for quickly drying your hair and the right amount of technology for preventing hair damage. The ionic technology is an added plus, and it helps a great deal for reducing frizz, which is something coarse hair is often forced to deal with. The concentrator nozzle helps with focusing the air flow on various areas, for quick drying.

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xtava Verona 


Coarse hair usually suffers from excessive dryness, and a blow dryer created for this type of hair needs to be able to deal with such issues. The infrared technology used for delivering the heat is especially efficient in penetrating the hair cuticles, so that your hair gets dry fast, but without getting deprived of its natural moisture and oils.

If your hair is coarse and thin at the same time, you will be advantaged by this blow dryer that does not have a very powerful motor, so it does not risk burning your frail, damaged hair.  While this may not be the best blow dryer for thick hair, you will have a lot of advantages to enjoy if you are using it for thin hair.

Your hair will become healthier, better looking and frizz free, which is something any woman wants. Even if your hair is really delicate and pretentious, you will find a true friend in this particular blow dryer.

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