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Frizzy hair can be a real problem for women who want to look nothing but their best every day. No amount of styling will help, since loading with your hair with styling products is not a good option. In the end, you will just end up damaging your hair, and it will still look frizzy and unkempt. The best blow dryers for frizzy hair in 2018 have certain characteristics in common and you need to be aware of these if you want to eliminate this hair problem from your life for good.

Ionic technology

One of the best technologies discovered during recent years, with a great impact for women struggling with frizzy hair since forever, is, without a doubt, the so named ionic technology. This technology basically releases negative ions that have the role of reducing static, and therefore, frizz. There is no model pretending to be the best blow dryer for fine frizzy hair without this technology, which is why we decided to place it first on our list.


Quick drying

Frizzy hair happens for a wide variety of reasons, and one of the most important is that too much blow drying can cause your hair cuticles to get to dry and become frizzy. This means that you need a blow dryer that is capable of drying your hair quickly, so that it does not affect the natural oils and moisture stored inside hair cuticles.


Styling attachments

Unruly hair can be styled, but only if you have the proper tools at your disposal. A comb attached to the blow dryer will disentangle and style your hair at the same time you are blow drying it. A diffuser will help with achieving more volume, without turning your hair all frizzy, while a concentrator will work wonders for those who want to dry their hair fast.

The best blow dryers for frizzy hair are showcased below.



Top Blow Dryers for Frizzy Hair in 2018



Andis 80020 


A European company with a long standing tradition in making all kinds of beauty and grooming tools, Andis is renowned for making great blow dryers, as well.

The best blow dryer for frizzy hair reviews 2018 highly recommend the Andis 80020, which uses all the important technologies for providing buyers with the most beautiful hair they can possibly have.

The ionic technology used by the manufacturer is great at reducing frizz, so that your hair looks as good as being treated with premium conditioner. This is an effect you will achieve with ease and you will love how shiny and healthy your hair will look.

All the natural moisture inside hair cuticles will be locked in place, so you can say goodbye to frizz, and hello to wonderful looking hair. The retractable cord and the folding handle are two great convenient features that make this blow dryer even more covetable.

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John Frieda Salon Shine 


You no longer have to go to the beauty salon for gorgeous looking hair. This model is designed to offer your hair that specific shine that can be achieved only by using the best tools for hair care.

The John Frieda Salon Shine truly deserves its name, as many buyers are enthralled with the results they are getting when they are using this unit.

The grille on this model is coated with titanium and ceramic, so that heat distribution is even and it does not risk burning your hair in spots. Your hair will be totally free of frizz and you will be able to style it as you see fit.

The available heat settings give you plenty of leeway to style your hair or to quickly dry it, depending on what goal you have on your mind. Styling your hair and getting the hairstyle you want have never been easier.

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Opulent Care


At first glance, what you will notice about this blow dryer is its sleek appearance. What hides under the housing is no less impressive, which is why so many people are in love with it.

The available two speeds and three heat settings help a great deal with styling, since a lot of women today desire a blow dryer that does more than just dry hair.

The tourmaline material used for the heating mechanism is infused with ceramic and is specifically efficient at reducing heat damage, without extending the time needed for drying your hair. The natural moisture of your hair will be preserved, so you will be able to enjoy shiny, great looking hair for a long time.

The 9 foot cord is great for moving around with ease, and the available nozzle attachments help a great deal when you want to style your hair. Due to the advanced technologies used, this blow dryer is highly efficient against frizz.

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