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Blow dryers are pretty much fixtures in people’s lives nowadays, and this simple device has come quite a long way since its invention. Now there are different models for different hair needs, and you must know what kind of blow dryer to get if you want your hair to be as beautiful as it can be. For thick hair, there are different requirements than what you would normally want for a model for thin hair. This particular buying guide is focused on helping you get the best blow dryers for thick hair in 2018, so you can always enjoy the best looking, healthiest hair.


For women with thick hair, it is essential to dry their hair faster, since weaker models may take quite a lot of time when you have to dry your thick hair. Always check the power on your chosen model, since that will give you a rough estimate on how the blow dryer will perform once you need to put it to the test. Don’t go for any model below 1800 watts of power, as you will just have to wait a lot for your hair to be properly dried.


Needed features

Certain features are more useful for thick hair than others, and you need to be familiar with those. High air flow is essential for drying thick hair as fast as possible, and multiple heat speeds and settings are useful, as well. You will be able to style your hair and to dry it, as the need arises.


Special technologies

Even if thick hair is more resistant to damage, it can still benefit greatly from the newest technologies, such as ceramic and tourmaline, so that you do not risk burning your hair in places. Ionic technology helps with reducing frizz, which is why so many women look for the best blow dryer for thick frizzy hair, and not just any blow dryer on the market would do.

The best blow dryers for thick hair are showcased below.


Top Blow Dryers for Thick Hair in 2018



Revlon RV544 


This model from Revlon comes equipped with all the needed technologies for providing you with a great experience each time you are drying your hair.

This model is very lightweight for how much power it is capable of packing under its housing. The 1875 watt motor is powerful enough to help you dry your hair quickly, so you do not have to leave parts of your hair still wet when you are in a hurry.

The various technologies included help with achieving gorgeous looking hair without too much effort. Tourmaline is a special material that prevents the appearance of hot spots, so you will not risk burning your hair.

Many buyers think that this model is the best blow dryer for thick curly hair and they highly recommend it to others. The model comes with concentrator and diffuser attachments so you can style your hair as you like with great ease.

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Remington D3190A 


It is extremely important to provide your hair with everything it needs, especially protection. Even thick hair can suffer from damage, mainly due to pollutants and hair treatments that may be too harsh for the cuticles.

If protection is what you are after, you should consider the Remington D3190A; compared to standard models from the same manufacturer, this blow dryer offers thrice the protection, so that the airflow is delivered in such a manner that your hair does not get damaged.

Your hair will look beautiful and shiny and you will feel really glamorous. The negative ions delivered by the blow dryer during its operation are there to minimize frizz and offer you amazing looking hair. The best blow dryer for thick hair reviews 2018 praise this model for the various features it comes equipped with. You can fiddle with the speed and the heat levels, so you can achieve exactly the result you need.

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Wazor 1875W


This blow dryer has everything one would expect only in a professional blow dryer. The good news is that you do not have to go to the salon to get perfect looking hair and that you will enjoy the same perfect results at home.

The powerful motor makes sure that your hair will dry fast, so women with thick hair will definitely appreciate it. The negative ion technology used is particularly great against frizz, and you will not have to face a bad hair day ever again.

In case you want to use a flat iron, it is highly recommended to use a blow dryer with negative ions, first, and this model fits the bill quite nicely. The cool shot button is particularly useful for locking your hairstyle in place, while the lint filter ensures a longer lifespan for your blow dryer. The long cable allows you to move around leisurely while you are drying your hair.

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