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Are you shopping for a new blow dryer and you don’t know what to pick? We are here to help you. If your hair is wavy or curly and you usually have a hard time fighting frizz and tangled strands, a model that comes equipped with a diffuser is the best choice, according to hairstyling experts. Here are the most important things to keep in mind when you are shopping for such a hair dryer.


It is very important for anyone to have their hair dried in as a short time as possible, in order to avoid heat damage. So, you can tell a good blow dryer from a not so great one by how long it takes to dry your hair. The best part about blow dryers with diffusers is that they spread hot air over a larger area, therefore decreasing the time needed for drying.

That means that the best blow dryer with diffuser should come equipped with a powerful motor, in the range of 1,300 Watts to 1,875 Watts, or even 2,000 Watts. A more powerful motor is capable of transmitting more heat within a shorter time, therefore helping you dry your hair faster while protecting it against heat damage.


Special technologies for the best blow dryer and diffuser 2018 has to offer

A powerful motor capable of emitting strong airflow is great to have, but, in order to protect your hair against heat damage, it does not hurt to benefit from other technological advancements that can now be found in great quality blow dryers.

For instance, ceramic and tourmaline technology helps a great deal with protecting your hair against burns, because it is capable of delivering even heat, while decreasing the occurrence of so called hot spots. Also, ion technology is helpful to control frizz and clearly an added plus for women who usually have trouble with this hair problem.


Nice features to have

It never hurts to have plenty of extra features to enjoy, and here are the ones you could find in good quality blow dryers. For instance, the cool shot feature is great for locking your style in place, by sealing in the cuticles, so that you can benefit from shiny, beautiful hair that looks and feels healthy and sexy. A long cord is an added convenience, as is an ergonomic handle.

The best blow dryers with diffusers currently available are showcased below.



Best blow dryers with diffuser in 2018


Conair Soft Touch


The best blow dryer reviews 2018 highly recommend the Conair Soft Touch as a great addition to your own personal styling set to use at home. This model comes with tourmaline ceramic technology for protecting your hair against heat damage, as well as ion technology for combating frizz in the most efficient manner possible.

Your hair will look absolutely gorgeous, completely free of frizz, smooth and shiny, without having to visit the beauty salon all the time. The negative ions emitted by the hair dryer while you are using it eliminate static, leaving nothing but beautiful hair behind.

The available settings for heat and speed give you plenty of room to try different styles, and you can switch from one to another with just a flick of the switch. Depending on your hair type, some combinations may work better than others.

Go for the lower settings, if you have fine hair that breaks easily, or use more power if your hair is coarse and prone to frizz. Among the useful features you will find, the cool shot button will help seal in the cuticles, so that your hairstyle is locked in place, for maximum and long lasting effects.

Buy from for ($27.75)




Revlon Perfect Heat RV473


If you want a blow dryer that will volumize and style your hair just as you like, the Revlon Perfect Heat RV473 should be on your list. Its triple baked ceramic layer helps with eliminating hot spots, so that your hair is dried in the most efficient manner, and you do not risk burning it in the process at all. The ceramic coating is infused with tourmaline, a sp

ecial type of material that further enhances the heat protection capabilities of this hair dryer. One of the selling points of this model from Revlon is its very competitive pricing, and many think it to be the best cheap hair dryer with diffuser you can currently find on the market.

You will never have to worry about frizz again, and the various heat and speed settings present will allow you to find the perfect combination for your hair type.

The turbo airflow setting is an added plus, since it will allow you to find the best combination for your hair type. The cold shot button comes in handy for sealing in cuticles and achieving that salon look you are after without spending a pretty dime on it.

Buy from for ($14.99)




Berta Professional


Perfect control is offered to whoever chooses the Berta Professional as their next purchase. This hair dryer uses infrared ionic technology, for a perfect hairstyle, and for protecting your hair, down to the last cuticle.

With 2 speed settings and 3 heat levels, this hair dryer offers you the possibility to choose the combination that works best for your hair type and texture. Don’t forget that higher heat is indicated for coarser, thicker hair, while lower heat is indicated for fine, delicate hair.

Use the cold shot button for locking in the natural moisture of your hair, in order to give it that perfect, shiny look that usually can only be obtained at the beauty salon against a hefty fee. Using ceramic tourmaline technology, this hair dryer is designed to take care of your hair.

Even when you are using the highest heat, this is distributed evenly, and, along with its diffuser, this model can really work wonders. The negative ions emitted during use, combined with infrared heat, help with fast drying, therefore limiting the time needed for drying your hair, while reducing static, and therefore, frizz, as a result. Besides a diffuser, this model comes with a concentrator nozzle, for straight hair hairstyles.

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