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Are you a lover or a fighter when it comes to your curly hair? By this we mean do you struggle everyday to keep those curls in check using a blow dryer, keratin treatments or a flat iron or perhaps most likely a combination of all three, or do you let them free in their riotous glory? Human nature typically has us envious of what we can’t have so let’s indulge your fantasies for straight hair with what makes the best blow dryer for curly hair a consistent top seller for many.


Offers the right technology for your hair type

Because water ions are positively charged, an ionic hair dryer that generates negative ions would be beneficial in taming wild curls. The ions produced by an ionic fryer would be able to break apart and spread the water droplets on every hair strand, effectively keeping them from penetrating through to cause frizz, and the process also speeds up the drying time. Thus, moisture is removed from the hair efficiently with the cuticle getting closed up, giving you sleeker and more polished-looking hair.

With infrared, porcelain or ceramic hair dryers, heat is as gently and uniformly distributed as possible. The porcelain or ceramic elements are employed as replacement for or to coat the plastic or metal components and other internal parts of a hair dryer to ensure less harsh effects of heat plus temperature consistency, aside from emitting negative ions to speed up the drying process and reduce frizz. Infrared employs longer energy wavelengths to get deep into every hair strand for inside out drying. Titanium hair dryers are suitable for thick, curly hair especially for even heat distribution and maintaining consistent temperature and speeding up the drying process.


The right weight and wattage for comfortable and efficient handling

If you need plenty of round- brush work on long, thick hair, you will surely appreciate a lightweight hair dryer that won’t wear your arms out easily. You will surely hate having to work for 20 minutes or so with a professional hair dryer with significant heft. You may not be able to complete the hair drying process at all with that kind of tool.

You get more power from a high-wattage motor that also shortens the styling time without endangering you hair from too much heat. You only get less air and more heat for a longer time if the motor has low wattage, which will ultimately dry your hair out.


Has the right set of features that make hair drying less tedious

When looking into the various products highlighted in the best blow dryers reviews, you will notice they typically boast great features that facilitate the entire process. A cool shot button delivers a blast of cold air to lock in your style and enhance shine. With adjustable heat settings, the device enables use with various hair types from fine hair to thick hair thanks to customized heat levels. Look for the best blow dryer with diffuser for curly hair to ensure smooth and lasting curls. Concentrator nozzles are perfect for de-frizzing and straightening.


There are plenty of brands and models of hair dryers on the market for curly hair, which makes it difficult to choose just one among them for your needs. We have showcased the best products in this specific category below to help you enjoy a smoother shopping journey.



Top blow dryers for curly hair in 2018


Opulent Care ProDryerS


3-prodryerx-hair-dryerBelonging to the Pro Series of hair dryers, the ProDryerS comes with a sleek design that makes it a fantastic addition to any hair styling gear collection. It comes with two speeds and three heat settings to ensure customized styling results while ensuring long lasting hold and shine. This model boasts both ceramic and tourmaline-infused technology to ensure reduced static as well as to improve moisture for healthy, sleek tresses. In addition, this hair dryer comes equipped with infrared heat technology that ensures ultra fast drying by cutting down dry time without exposing the shaft and cuticle to damage.

This tool comes with a 1875-watt motor that utilizes Advanced Ion technology to deliver salon quality results. This hair dryer ships with a 9-foot cord that facilitates mobility during the drying process. The removable air filter and two nozzle attachments ensure even and concentrated drying, letting you get right down to the roots for consistent drying results.

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xtava Allure Supreme


1-xtava-allure-supremeCombining a lightweight design with revolutionary ionic ceramic technology, the xtava Allure Supreme offers 2200 watts to enable easy styling. The included concentrator nozzle focuses condensed air flow every time while efficiently controlling frizz and styling results.

This hair dryer offers revolutionary technology including ionic, tourmaline and ceramic, all of which contribute to faster drying times by getting the job done 80 percent faster, while ensuring greater hair volume and no over drying of hair. The dryer emits powerful negative ions to seal the hair cuticles and prevent frizz and increase shine.

This hair dryer provides customized hair drying with its three heat settings and two speeds so your hair feels hydrated, healthy and natural looking. It gives you full control while offering versatility for professional styling to fit all hair types. Truly one of the best blow dryers for curly hair in 2018 on the market, this model comes with high heat to cover the needs of thick, coarse hair, along with low heat for fragile, thin hair.

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ProDryer 2800


2-hair-dryer-2100-wattIf you want to get that professionally-styled look in the comfort of your home, grab the ProDryer 2800 before it runs out of stock. This top-of-the-line lightweight hair dryer is equipped with a 2100-watt motor that drives it to work on various types of hair. It offers two speeds and three heat settings and comes with two blow dry attachments that deliver focused air to hair strands every time. This hair dryer ensures silky, shiny tresses free from frizz. The ergonomic grip enables easy handling so you can work with this tool on long, thick hair. The 3-meter cable enables you to move freely with the dryer without getting tangled or restricted by a short cord.

The hair dryer features an overheating mechanism that ensures user safety. The five flexible control mechanisms include Power On/Off, Cool Drying, Hot Drying, Hot Blast and Slow Drying. The device is designed to last a long time with its solid, durable build. Lightweight to prevent easy onset of hand fatigue, this tool comes with nozzles that are engineered with perfect fit to ensure secure attachment.

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