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Damaged hair is particularly pretentious when it comes to blow drying. Advancing the damage is not an option, which is why so many women feel rather anxious about drying their damaged hair using a blow dryer. However, towel drying is barely an option, which is why you need to know more about how to identify the best blow dryers for damaged hair in 2018, which is why we created the following guide.

Even heat distribution

What is most essential for a blow dryer created specifically for damaged hair is having even heat distribution. This means that you need to forget all about the models sold on the market back in the days which could burn your hair if you were not careful. The new models on the market are careful about providing even heat distribution, in order to eliminate hot spots, which can be quite dangerous for already damaged hair.


Extra protection

When it comes to protecting your damaged hair and bringing out its beauty once more, new technologies really help. Tourmaline and ceramic in particular are great in this direction, because these materials make sure that your hair does not get burned while being blow dried. It serves to have ionic technology present, too, because this will not damage your hair, either, and you will also benefit from frizz free hair all along.


Finding the right temperature

A blow dryer with adjustable heat settings is most recommended for people with damaged hair. Finding the right temperature is made easier and you can rest assured that you are doing everything you can to protect your hair. The best blow dryer for fine damaged hair must be a model with adjustable temperature, and capable of going to low levels, in order to offer the best protection possible.

The best blow dryers for damaged hair are showcased below.


Top Blow Dryers for Damaged Hair in 2018



CHI Pro 


This is a great looking blow dryer that will make you feel like a true professional, without having to go to beauty school.

The LCD screen uses touch technology and comes in full color, allowing you quick customizations for temperature and airflow. Many buyers who have already tried it say that this is the best blow dryer for dry damaged hair you can currently find, and they are right to think so.

The infrared technology used is ideal for reducing static, frizz and for locking in moisture, which is essential for damaged hair. Excessive dryness can cause further damage, so you need to avoid this at all costs.

The powerful motor is capable of creating fast air flow, so you can benefit from short drying times. The cool shot button helps with locking your hairstyle in place and you will love the extra diffuser for styling your hair.

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Frizz is something that will quickly remain just a bad memory once you start using the HIRALIY YL-8899. This blow dryer comes equipped with the coveted negative ionic technology that practically blasts frizz to high heavens.

As the best blow dryer reviews 2018 indicate, such characteristics are much to be desired in a model used for blow drying in this day and age.

The powerful motor makes sure that you will be able to quickly dry your hair, so you will not have to prolong this beyond what is really needed.

This is very important for damaged hair, for the simple reason that the faster you are done with blow drying, the less damage will occur to your hair, even none at all. If you care about having healthy hair that will beautifully shine, completely frizz free, this is the kind of blow dryer you should consider.

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Karmin Salon Series 


This very lightweight blow dryer is favored by many buyers because of its great qualities and features.

The model is designed in such a manner that is easy on your wrists, so you can use it often without feeling like the task of blow drying your hair turns into a drag.

While it is compact and lightweight, this model comes equipped with a powerful model, so you will benefit from quick drying times, which is exactly what you need if your hair is damaged. The hair left behind after drying it with this blow dryer will be smooth and beautiful, and you will love its natural shine.

The manufacturer thought about making a blow dryer capable of reducing the drying time by 70%, in order to eliminate the potential damaged resulted from blow drying. The ion generator helps reducing frizz, and you will love how easy it is to be again in control of styling your own hair.

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