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Blow drying fine hair can be a challenging task. While hair of regular thickness can do well with the most powerful wattage, fine hair is different. High wattage is too strong on fragile tresses. That being said, you also can’t do with an overly weak blow dryer that makes styling time too long and tedious. So what is the best blow dryer for fine hair?


It comes with hair drying technology that is friendly to fine hair.

Ceramic heating is always great technology to have in a good hair dryer for fine hair. Ceramic heating ensures uniform heat dissipation all over your precious locks. Wattage also plays an important role here, but make sure to go for a model that offers anywhere from 600 to 2200 watts to ensure reliable functionality for fine hair.

In terms of technology, ionic hair dryers are also fantastic. Negative ions split the water droplets apart during the drying process, preventing them from soaking through the hair strand to cause frizz due to accumulated static electricity. With ionic technology, you also get added volume, as it prevents the strands from simply lying flat on your nape, perfect for fine, brittle hair. Far infrared heat protects your locks from damage.


It is lightweight and easy to use.  

Since fine hair tends to be brittle as well, you should use a featherweight hair dryer that prevents putting unwanted weight on your already fragile locks. A heavy blow dryer may provide the needed balance and heft you need to hold the machine steady but your locks need as little weight (read:stress) as possible placed on each strand.

The control switches should be easy to activate or toggle between. Some premium quality models come with professional toggle switches for effortless changing of settings. You also want the cord to be long enough so you can cover and dry all your locks completely all over.


It comes with nifty features.

For fine hair, a cool shot button provides a fantastic means of setting the style or sealing any natural waves or curls in. The cool blast of air penetrates every hair strand to lock volume in and make the hairstyle last all day. It also seals in shine.

Some models come with electromagnetic wave protection system to make hair glossy and hydrated. Others come with a built-in silencer so you can dry your hair without bothering others in the room. You also want a comfortable grip to prevent the quick onset of hand fatigue especially since thin hair tends to be tricky to dry. Variable heat and speed settings enable effortless customization in styling.

There are plenty of blow dryers for fine hair on the market. This can make the decision-making process more difficult for the average consumer. We suggest looking into the information in the above buying guide and checking out our product descriptions below to help you in your shopping journey.


Top blow dryers for fine hair in 2018


BaByliss PRO 3000 BABTT5585


1-babylissproEasily one of the best blow dryers for fine hair in 2018, the BaByliss PRO 3000 BABTT5585 boasts six heat/speed settings so you can enjoy customized hair styling every time. The cold shot button seals in the hair style and ensures that natural waves and curls will be held in place.

The 9-foot long power cord enables you to dry every lock on your head without having to transfer sockets or using an extension cord. The non-slip grip enables effortless handling while reducing stress on your wrist and hand so you can work for extended periods.

This modern 1900-watt dryer comes with a rubberized finish that ensures easy use so you can lay down the unit on the counter without worrying about the delicate electronic parts inside. Equipped with tourmaline titanium technology, this hair dryer emits countless negative ions to deliver fantastic shine. The far infrared heat ensures faster drying and styling so you can take it easy on your locks.

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xtava Allure Supreme


2-xtava-allure-supremeIf you’re looking for the best blow dryer for fine thin hair, the xtava Allure Supreme makes a great choice. This lightweight unit provides superb drying power at 2200 watts, so you can style your hair with ease.

The lightweight frame enables easy styling so you can move the dryer around your head without getting your hands, wrists or arms tired especially when you have to do extended sessions of styling.

This hair dryer comes with tourmaline ionic ceramic technology that enables you to save time by getting the job done 80 percent faster while giving your hair greater volume. The included concentrator nozzle focuses airflow to every area so you can finish the blow drying process in less time.

The maximized condensed blast of air to the area you are working on, which enhances precision styling with focus while controlling the styling results and taking down frizz. Get naturally shiny and healthy hair with the unit’s three speed and three heat settings, which provide customized styling.

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Opulent Care ProDryerX


3-prodryerx-hair-dryerUndoubtedly the best professional blow dryer for fine hair, the ProDryerX comes with two speeds and three heat settings, allowing you to personalize your hair styling routine.

The cool shot button delivers a blast of cold air to hold the style longer and also ensure lasting shine. This model also comes equipped with tourmaline infused ceramic technology, which reduces static and also improves moisture retention to keep hair healthy and shiny.

Delivering ultra fast drying, this model also comes with infrared heat that cuts blow drying time while also preventing the shaft and cuticle from sustaining heat damage. The advanced ion technology that this 1875-watt hair dryer comes with ensures prevention of frizz, for impressive salon quality results.

The extra-long 9-foot long cord lets you work with the device around your head to ensure thorough drying results. The removable air filter enables hassle-free cleaning out of lint. The two nozzle attachments allow focusing of airflow so you can work on one section at a time while being able to get the hair styling done faster.

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