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You don’t have to be afraid that using a blow dryer will damage your thin hair, if you choose the right one. In this buying guide you will find the information you need to pick the best blow dryer for your fine thin hair.



The best blow dryer reviews in 2018 recommend choosing one that generates negative ions. This type of technology is capable of quickly drying and straightening your hair, while minimizing frizz and static. This will leave fine hair shiny and smooth and easy to manage and style.



If you have thin hair you want a blow dryer with plenty of power, and most professional stylists agree that 1875 to 2200 watts is ideal for use on fine locks. Not only will it be able to quickly dry your hair, but it also won’t cause thin flyaway strands. Blow dryers with a higher wattage also work great on thick or coarse tresses since the shorter drying time means less damage to your hair.



Blow dryers can come with an array of features and there are a few that you might want to consider. Adjustable temperature allow you to dry and style all types of hair without causing heat damage. Multiple speed settings are also a bonus, especially if you have thin hair. Longer power cords are always convenient, and you can even find some that are compatible with 120V and 220V outlets so you can plug it in almost anywhere.

You can still safely dry and style thin hair with a blow dryer, as long as you choose the right one. While we can’t pick the model for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best blow dryer for thin hair in 2018 showcased below.



Top blow dryers for thin hair in 2018



Xtrava Peony


3-xtava-peony-1875wIts hot pink color makes this a fun blow dryer to use, and it is also designed to effectively dry thin hair without causing damage.

The 1875W motor shortens drying time, and when this is combined with the ionic technology your hair will look smooth, shiny and healthy. It also comes with 2 settings for heat, and two for speed. This allows you to use the blow dryer on all hair types, and achieve a variety of popular styles.

Frizz is never a problem thanks to the precision nozzle. There is also a “cool shot” button that will lock your style into place. The ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to hold, and you will also appreciate its lightweight 1.6 pound construction. This blow dryer also comes with a convenient swivel cord so tangles are never a problem.

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Xtava Allure


1-xtava-allure-2200wIt is easy to see why this is often considered the best blow dryer for thin frizzy hair. The Allure by xtava is designed to provide you with salon quality results in the comfort of your home.

The 220V motor is capable of producing the power you need to quickly and effortless dry your hair without overexposing it to heat. Thanks to the 2200 watts of ionic ceramic technology thin or thick tresses will look smooth, healthy and shiny.

There are 3 settings for heat so you can easily dry and set your style, regardless of your hair type. It also comes with 2 settings for speed. If you need to dry a specific section, set your style or eliminate frizz simply attach the concentrator nozzle and press the “cold shot” button. Thanks to its lightweight construction it is also comfortable to handle.

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2-hiraliy-yl-8899Thanks to its lightweight and ergonomic design this blow dryer is comfortable to hold and handle. It also comes with a 3M cord so you can plug it into almost any outlet. Its classic design also ensures that it is easy and convenient to use so you can concentrate on drying and styling your hair.

With 3 settings for heat this blow dryer can be safely used on all types of hair, and it also comes with two speeds so you can easily achieve various styles.

It uses negative ionic technology to safely dry thin or thick hair, and it is also designed to maintain a constant temperature to prevent damage from heat. The negative ions will leave your hair smooth and shiny, while also reducing annoying frizz.

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