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You probably invested in a blow dryer because you hate walking out the door with your hair still soaking wet. If you have thin hair that is forever limp and without body, you probably have scoured different websites to find the best blow dryers for volume in 2018. What distinguishes a premium quality hair dryer for fine hair from an ordinary device in this category?


Power is essential but heat isn’t necessarily so

Contrary to the popular belief that heat is a principal factor in selecting the best hair dryer for fine hair volume, extremely high heat settings are not advisable especially if you are an avid do-it-yourselfer. All you will ever really want for home use is a hair dryer that offers a range between 1300 and 1875 watts. You want a dryer that lets you feel it is really blowing your hair and is working. This way, you can maintain power levels and still be able to turn down the heat when you want. For setting curls or blow drying bangs, a low-wattage dryer should be enough since you won’t necessarily be reducing your drying time.


Offers heat adjustability

You should be able to choose the heat levels according to your type, texture and length of hair. For extremely thick or coarse hair, you will find high heat useful especially for removal of excessive moisture when your hair is still dripping. However, you will have to make sure that you keep the device moving and not simply direct it on one segment of your hair for a very long time. For thin and fragile hair, use the low setting. To prevent over drying damp hair (not wet), you should also use the low setting.


Comes with helpful features/attachments

If you wish to set your hairstyle, lock your curl in, set your hair in curlers or just ensure a nice finishing touch, the cool shot button will come in handy. The cool shot button is also useful in setting the final look and ensuring lasting hold while adding shine. Use it when your hair is around 80% dry, mainly to protect against overheating and to complete the drying process.

A diffuser proves to be beneficial not just for curly hair. This component distributes the airflow more widely, which is beneficial for those who have a slight, natural wave and who want to add some bounce or volume to hair. Ladies with wavy and curly hair textures will appreciate the diffuser used in the low heat setting, helping lift the hair and release an indirect, gentle stream of warm air to prevent tangling, frizz and unmanageability. On the other hand, a concentrator nozzle focuses airflow directly on hair segments to give you styling and frizz control.

There are plenty of blow dryers on the market that help increase volume. This can make the buying process unduly complicated. We have showcased the best products below for even more help in your decision-making process.



Top blow dryers for volume in 2018



Infiniti Pro 259PRJPY by Conair


1-infiniti-pro-by-conairThis hair dryer is equipped with an AC motor that delivers powerful flow of air to ensure fast drying plus thrice longer life, making the Infiniti Pro 259PRJPY by Conair the best professional hair dryer for volume.

Equipped with ceramic technology, this hair dryer prevents heat damage to your hair while ensuring your tresses look healthy. In addition, the hair dryer is also geared with ionic technology to prevent up to 75 percent frizz.

The true cold shot button locks in your hair style, curls or waves for lasting hold. The heat and airflow control is facilitated through the blow dryer’s heat and speed switches. The removable filter extends motor life by enabling cleaning to prevent the buildup of lint.

Use the concentrator attachment to achieve a range of styles by focusing the airflow. The cool shot button proves to be handy for enhancing waves and curls. The diffuser attachment creates more volume and prevents hair frizz.

  Buy from for ($22.49)




John Frieda JF1R


2-john-frieda-fullIf you want the best hair dryer for adding volume, the John Frieda JF1R makes the perfect choice. Boasting 1875 watts of power from its AC motor, this hair dryer comes with a titanium ceramic-coated grille to dry hair faster while ensuring a steady temperature.

The hair dryer also provides advanced ionic conditioning by generating negative ions to split apart the water molecules and prevent them from penetrating the hair shaft, thereby preventing frizz.

This blow dryer comes with three heat and two speed settings to enable you to customize the drying process. The cold shot button locks the hair style in place, which is quite essential if you have lovely waves and curls that you want to last long.

The professional rocker switches facilitate use of the heat and speed settings with just one hand. This hair dryer ships with all you need to ensure a great hairstyle, including two concentrators to focus air flow on one area for flexible styling. The diffuser enables you to blow air over a broader surface for faster drying results while ensuring a smooth, sleek look.

Buy from for ($43.28)




Remington D3020


3-remington-d3020The Remington D3020 is the best hair dryer for volume and shine. It boasts 1875 watts of power to ensure faster hair drying time without overheating or frying your locks.

It also comes with Ionic ceramic conditioning technology to produce negative ions that counteract the positive ions in water and break the atoms apart, so they get dispersed over the hair strand instead of getting absorbed deep into the hair cuticle.

This effectively prevents annoying frizz. The three heat and two speed settings enable you to customize the heat and airflow so you can style your hair exactly as you prefer. The cool shot button sets the style so you can make it last longer and avoid having to do touchups.

For multiple styling options, this hair dryer is also equipped with a diffuser, which enables you to have wider airflow and which is helpful if you have slight, natural waves and for adding bounce to hair. The concentrator attachment lets you focus the airflow over specific areas.

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