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Thanks to the introduction of consumer-grade blow dryers, you can now get professionally styled-looking hair every day in the comfort of your own home. Today’s hair dryers now come with a host of advanced styling features that enable you to style you hair just the way you prefer. Today’s blow dryers are equipped with a variety of features and attachments that enable them to ensure sleek, smooth tresses and enhance their performance. In fact, it’s now easy to find the best hair dryer with diffuser reviews with a simple search. However, what makes those types of equipment stand out from the rest?


The right level of power for your hair drying needs

Drying hair faster comes with hair dryers that have more wattage or power. Who wants a hair dryer that takes an hour to do its job if you only have the same amount of time in the morning to prepare for work or school? A weak-powered or low-wattage hair dryer will just exasperate you every morning, with its slow rate of drying your hair, especially if your tresses are thick and curly. For thin hair, you will want an 1800-watt or higher device. Professional blow dryers, which are more expensive, typically boast a wattage as high as 3600, making them suitable for thick, curly hair. More expensive, high-wattage dryers cut drying time in half so you basically have less hair damage. Of course, you won’t need to use extremely high heat settings, which are often unnecessary.

For home use, you will want blow dryers within the 1300- to 1875-watt range, which is able to blow dry your hair while allowing you to turn down the heat setting and maintain drying power. For setting curls or blow drying bangs, a lower wattage works better without cutting down on blow drying time.


Features the perfect hair dryer technology

For smooth styling results, look for blow dryers that feature tourmaline and ceramic technology. For efficiently controlling the heat levels of the blow dryer, ceramic technology proves to be useful. Ceramic technology also ensures uniform heat distribution. Meanwhile, tourmaline is a revolutionary mineral that smoothens the hair by closing off the cuticle and maintaining natural hair moisture to eliminate frizz.

Comes with nifty hair dryer features

To set your style, you will want a hair dryer with a cool shot button, which also ensures a sleek hair style and more volume. Nozzle attachments help focus the airflow to blow directly on a specific area that you want to smoothen. On the other hand, the best blow dryers with diffusers in 2018 are designed to help spread out the flow of air generated by the device. You will also want the hair dryer to have heat controls, so you can utilize the higher settings for eliminating most of the moisture from your tresses. Use the lower settings to style the hair when it is already 90 percent dry. This capability reduces hair damage.


There is a wide range of hair dryers for sale on the market, and this can complicate your buying process unnecessarily. Do go over the buying guide above to help you make an easier buying decision. We have also showcased the best products below for even more shopping assistance.



Best blow dryers with diffuser in 2018


Conair 225


1-conair-1875Equipped with tourmaline ceramic technology, the Conair hair dryer helps prevent damage to your hair. Ionic technology eliminates up to 75 percent less frizz. Equipped with a high-torque DC motor, this hair dryer delivers fast drying, enabling you to get nicely-styled hair every time. The device is equipped with two speed and three heat settings for customized styling. The cool shot button locks the hair style in place for lasting tamed hair. The hinged filter enables effortless cleaning to ensure that the machine runs in tiptop shape every time. The no-slip grip ensures comfortable styling.

Easily the best hair dryer with diffuser in 2018, this model comes with a diffuser that helps make natural curls and waves more distinctive by spreading air flow out, while the included concentrator nozzle enables focused directing of the air flow for sleek and smooth hair. The high-torque motor ensures faster drying and styling every time while helping prevent flyaways.

Buy from for ($27.75)




MHD 1875w


2-mhd-professionalEquipped with a reliably powerful 1875-watt motor, the MHD Professional hair dryer ensures that the styling job gets finished fast. You can get customized styling every time thanks to the two styling speeds and three heat settings, ensuring usability for all hair types. With far infrared technology, this device is able to penetrate hair strands from within. This ensures faster drying results and also protects from hair damage. The manufacturer has included two smart attachments to help make drying faster while delivering greater volume and preventing frizz.

The two attachments also enable touch-ups and speedier drying than average while enhancing volume. The 8.69-foot long cord does not restrict your movement all over your head to ensure that your hair gets nicely dried. This is undoubtedly the best lightweight hair dryer with diffuser thanks to its light weight of just 14.1 ounces. The removable filter is easy to attach and detach for easy cleaning.

Buy from for ($98.69)






3-jinri-hair-dryerOutfitted with a powerful 1875-watt AC motor, the JINRI hair dryer delivers reliable hair drying performance to ensure consistent results every time. It comes with an overheating mechanism that protects the user during multiple styling sessions.

Equipped with far infrared technology, this device delivers inside out drying to prevent frizz, with up to 50 percent faster drying no matter what hair type and hair length you have.

The hair dryer also boasts exclusive ionic technology that enables it to generate negative ions that break apart water droplets so they don’t soak into every strand hair and cause ugly frizz.

The cutting-edge ionic technology seals and smoothes the hair cuticles to leave your tresses smooth and silky while locking moisture in. If you are looking for the best travel hair dryer with diffuser, look no further. This tool comes with a diffuser plus concentrator nozzle for easy control of air flow to ensure frizz control and precision styling.

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