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There are now plenty of best hair blow dryer reviews to help consumers find the perfect hair styling tool for their everyday needs. Helping you get frizz-free, nicely styled hair in the comfort of your home, a hair dryer simplifies your daily hair grooming routine by ensuring that you don’t leave the house with dripping hair marks on your back every time. What distinguishes a good quality hair dryer from a more inferior tool?


Short drying time and comfortable handling

The best blow dryers in 2018 generate a greater amount of airflow, which results in shorter drying time. They are equipped with more power or wattage to dry hair in the quickest time possible. These types of dryers use wind instead of heat to dry your tresses quickly, effectively preventing your hair from getting fried by excess heat. Styling experts recommend a range of 1300 to 1875 watts for home use. Others recommend going for 1800 to 2000 watts. Most models come equipped with 1875 watts, which is a good enough midpoint.

You will also want a lightweight device especially if you have long and thick hair. This will enable you to have extended styling sessions without either your arm or hand getting fatigued easily. Do bear in mind that some heavier hair dryers do offer more balance and a comfortable grip compared to some lighter models.


Offers customized styling

Imagine if all hair dryers came with a single speed and heat setting, which would make styling either thin or thick hair a real challenge. You will want the blow dryer to feature variable speed and heat settings so you can personalize hair styling according to the length and type of hair you have. Almost all hair dryers feature at least two heat settings. Less expensive models come with low heat at low speed and high heat at high speed. The best models, however, have adjustable heat settings and levels of airflow that work independently to ensure optimal versatility.


Comes with some nice features

To seal in or set the hair style, look for blow dryers with a cool shot button. The cool blast of air dry seals the hair cuticle to ensure better shine and to hold the style longer. This feature proves to be handy for locking in curls.

You will want the buttons to be easy to engage with a single hand. However, the buttons should also not be easy to activate accidentally. With a removable filter, cleaning the hair dryer of wayward hair strands is easy so you won’t need to take the machine apart. A retractable cord ensures easy use, but a long enough cord won’t restrict your movement while styling.


You can choose from a wide range of blow dryers on the market. This fact may unduly complicate the buying process somewhat. To simplify your buying journey, we have showcased the best products below.


Top Blow Dryers in 2018


BaByliss PRO Ceramix Xtreme


1-babylissproFrom the acknowledged world leader in styling tools comes the top selling product in the best blow dryer reviews 2018, the BaByliss PRO Ceramix Xtreme. This hairstyling device banks on cutting edge ceramic technology, which dries the hair without causing heat damage.

The ceramic feature generates far infrared heat to dry the hair gently from the inside out, effectively preventing annoying frizz.

This 2000-watt hair dryer delivers the right level of heat as driven by the professional AC motor to ensure even heat distribution. The soft, rubberized housing enables easy and comfortable handling while protecting the delicate heating and drying components inside. The concentrator nozzle directs heat to every segment being dried for focused styling.

The instant cool shot button delivers a cold blast of air to seal in the style, setting it so it can last longer. This hair dryer makes hair silky smooth and free from tangling. It’s your trusty morning home styling friend.

Buy from for ($59.99)




Conair 1875


2-conair-1875One of the highest rated products in the best hair dryer reviews in 2018, the Conair hair dryer combines tourmaline ceramic technology, which helps prevent hair damage, with ionic technology that ensures 75 percent less frizz to keep your hair looking gorgeous after every styling session.

Equipped with a high-torque DC motor, this device delivers fast drying results so you can be out of the house and on the way to work in no time.

The two speed and three heat settings ensure customized styling according to your hair type and hair length. To lock your style in place, this tool comes with a nifty cool shot button. To define your natural waves and curls, it also comes with a nice diffuser.

On the other hand, the supplied concentrator nozzle focuses the airflow to the specific areas you are drying so hair turns out sleek and smooth. This ensures easy handling and enables personalized or flexible styling.

Buy from for ($31.48)






3-babylisspro-tourmalineEasy to pack and extra lightweight at just 1 pound, the BaBylissPRO has been regularly highlighted in the best travel blow dryer reviews. This 1000-watt hair dryer offers dual voltage so you can bring it anywhere in your globetrotting journeys and still be able to use it by plugging into an AC socket.

The folding handle facilitates packing and storage in your luggage during travel, taking up less space so you won’t have to worry about placement with the rest of your clothes.

The dryer’s heating element is ingeniously infused with pure gemstone tourmaline crystals that emit millions of natural ions to remove static electricity and leave hair shiny and frizz-free. Hair dries faster thanks to far infrared heat, which protects your tresses from heat damage.

If you want to look gorgeous no matter where you go, make sure to always have this revolutionary blow dryer handy so you can style your hair just the way you want anywhere you are.

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