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Blow dryers today do so much more than just dry hair. If you are looking for a model capable of adding volume and shine to your hairstyle, you need to pick one with all the right features. Usually, women go to beauty salons and pay hefty fees to have their hair styled like celebrities, but now you can achieve celebrity-like blow-outs right at home, with only a one time investment. This buying guide is focused on providing you with all the needed information on what kind of blow dryer you should get for extra volume and shine.

Is a diffuser really needed?

The answer to this question is a definite ‘yes’. In order to achieve the volume you want, you need to pick a model with a diffuser among its attachments. The diffuser will blow hot air over larger areas of hair, helping it dry quickly and achieve volume. Direct the airflow at the roots for blow out effects, then blow hot air over the tips, to tame fly-outs. It is this simple, and a good quality diffuser will work wonders for you.


AC motors for the best hair dryers for volume and shine 2018

Another secret to obtaining the best volume is to have a blow dryer capable of drying your hair fast. The most recommended are those that come with AC motors. This type of motor is found in professional hair dryers and you will appreciate it for being quieter than DC motors. At the same time, AC motors create more powerful airflows, so you will have your hair dried in no time.

Another thing that may convince you to get a model with AC motor is that this type is stronger and lasts longer, so it is safe to say that you will make a good investment if you go for this type of blow dryer.


Lock-in moisture capabilities

As far as shine is concerned, you should focus on getting a blow dryer that manages to lock in the natural moisture of your hair. The above mentioned features help with this, too, but they are not the only specifically designed for this purpose. Get a model with a cold shot button that blows cold air, in order to lock your hairstyle in place. What you will also get is that the natural moisture inside cuticles will remain trapped, making your tresses look smooth and shiny.

The best hair dryers for volume and shine currently available are showcased below.



Best Hair Dryers for Volume and Shine in 2018


Infiniti Pro by Conair


The best blow dryer for volume, according to an overwhelming number of positive reviews from users, the Infiniti Pro by Conair comes equipped with all the needed features to qualify as a professional model.

Even famous hair stylists agree that for model that costs so little, it is amazing how it manages to provide on par results with blow dryers that cost several hundred dollars. What you will get when you are using this blow dryer is nothing short of amazing, and the best part is that you will not have to visit the beauty salon and pay a lot of money for great looking hair.

The AC motor it comes equipped with dries your hair quickly, without singeing it, and it provides great volume. At the same time, the blow dryer is lightweight and ergonomic, which adds to its great convenience.

This blow dryer offers your hair the best shine possible; using competitive technologies, such as tourmaline ceramic, ionic and infrared, all contribute to providing your hair with natural shining that will look like you have just walked out of a beauty salon. The diffuser attachment creates plenty of volume, while your hair will remain frizz free.

Buy from for ($22.49)




Remington D3190A


Heat damage can be a severe issue for hair care, and that is why a lot of money is invested by hair care product manufacturers for finding more efficient technologies for preventing this problem. The Remington D3190A is praised by the best hair dryer reviews 2018 for its dedication to combating heat damage.

The grill on this model is coated with compounds called micro-conditioners that are basically moved through the airflow in order to infuse into your hair and preventing it from suffering the impact of high temperatures.

Not only does this feature eliminate heat damage, but it grants your hair a beautiful shine that you will absolutely love. The negative ions emitted by the blow dryer are great at combating frizz and the infrared heat helps with quick drying. Basically, your hair will not be exposed to the unpleasant effects of static, and, because of the quick drying times, it will have nice volume, without putting effort into it.

The air diffuser is designed for offering you the best method for achieving an astonishing homemade blowout. In case you do not want volume, but you prefer a straight hairstyle, use the concentrator attachment instead. Get your hair even shinier with the cold shot button that seals in your hairstyle.

Buy from for ($16.86)




Berta Professional


Do you want your hair to be shiny, silky and smooth? Then what you need is a blow dryer that comes with all the needed technologies and features for granting your wish. The Berta Professional is considered by many buyers the best hair dryer for shine, and will leave you wanting for nothing.

With the help of its ionic technology, static will be removed from the hair surface, which means that you can kiss frizz goodbye. In other words, this blow dryer offers you the advantages of a high quality conditioner, while you are basically making just a one time investment.

Another aspect that recommends this blow dryer is its high versatility. You get to choose between 2 different speeds and 3 different temperature settings, so there are plenty of combinations to have.

Also, if you want to add a great finishing touch for extra shine, just make the cold shot button that blows cold air over your hairstyle to seal it in place. Equipped with a powerful AC motor, it manages strong airflow that will help with quick drying. Lightweight, quiet and easy to use, this model is on par with much more expensive blow dryers that are used by professional hairstylists.

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