What’s the Best Hair Dryer of 2018?


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Going to the salon every day for styling your hair is a farfetched scenario and also one that can end up costing you a lot of money. A much affordable solution for having beautiful hair day by day is to purchase a hair dryer that acts as your personal hairstylist. If you want to learn how to choose the best hair dryer, see what this buying guide has to offer you as information for getting nothing but the most astonishing effects for your hair, just by using a blow dryer.

A powerful motor is a must

Do you know why hair tends to become dull and unappealing, with split ends and suffering from constant dryness, no matter how much care you invest in it? All these happen because of heat damage that occurs when you are often blow drying your hair. To eliminate the time needed for your hair to be subjected to the action of heat, what you need is a blow dryer with a powerful motor.

Such motors deliver superior airflow that dries your hair very fast. There is another great benefit associated with using such a hair dryer. Because the hair gets dried fast, the natural moisture inside cuticles is not destroyed, which means that you hair will look shiny and silky every day.


What are the most needed technologies?

Today, when you are reading the specs for a hair dryer, it may feel like you need a diploma in engineering to figure out what they are trying to say. Fortunately, things are not as complicated as they may look on paper. Among the technologies you truly need in a good quality hair dryer, you will find tourmaline ceramic, ionic and infrared.

Tourmaline ceramic is a type of material used for coating the grill, so that the heat is uniform and it does not create hot spots that can singe your hair. Ionic is pretty helpful for eliminating frizz and it helps with creating the most beautiful hairstyles. Infrared helps with preventing heat damage, and all together are the most needed technologies for a high quality blow dryer.


Cool attachments

If you are looking for a complete product, you should go for a model with some cool attachments. A diffuser is indispensable if you want more volume, while a concentrator helps with straight hairstyles. Brush and comb attachments are great for styling your hair on the go. So, what’s the best hair dryer in 2018? The answer is a model with plenty of cool attachments.

The best hair dryers currently available are showcased below.



What Are Best Hair Dryers in 2018?


RUSK Engineering W8less


The RUSK Engineering W8less truly deserves its name, since it weighs less than a single pound. Do not let yourself fooled by its compact appearance; its powerful motor packs 2000 watts, which is something usually to be found on professional hair dryers used by hairstylists.

Actually, if you are working as a hairstylist, you will find that this model is easy to hold in your hand, all throughout an entire day, without straining your muscles. Using the competitive tourmaline ceramic technology, this model is sure to prevent any heat damage you might be worried about.

Also, its infrared heat is very helpful with drying your hair fast, so you do not have to fret about singeing your hair by accident. Using negative ions, the blow dryer is capable of eliminating static and frizz, leaving nothing but beautiful, great looking hair behind.

Heat management is handled with excellent results, and overall, this is a great blow dryer for all your hair care needs. If you are wondering what is the best hair blow dryer on the market right now, this just may be the answer. Obtaining salon like results has never been easier.

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Conair Turbo Styler


The best hair dryer reviews 2018 recommend the Conair Turbo Styler for getting great results without having to visit your favorite hairstylist. The outside appearance of this hair dryer does it great justice. Its chrome barrel and the black finish make it look very elegant, just like a professional hair dryer.

What lies underneath the hood matches its great looks. The ionic technology used is sure to minimize and eliminate static and frizz, so you can enjoy really beautiful hair that is shiny and smooth.

The quick drying times offered by the unit are sure to protect your tresses against any kind of heat damage, and you are sure to turn a few heads on the street. If you are looking for a hair dryer for all hair types, then you will be pleased to find out that the available 3 temperature settings and 2 speed settings allow you to find the perfect combination for your hair type.

When you are pleased with the way your hair looks after drying, use the cold shot button that will blow cold air, locking in your preferred style. If you want even more detailing power, use the concentrator for small areas.

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Wazor Professional


This blow dryer comes equipped with a competitive AC motor that prolongs the lifespan of the unit. Not only this, but it also does wonders when it comes to drying power, while it is less noisy than models that work with DC motors.

Because of the fast drying times, your hair will not be subjected to so much heat damage, which means that you will not have to deal with singed hair, either. Delivering superior airflow, the blow dryer will only dry your hair where it is needed, on its surface, without penetrating the cuticles and drying the natural oils and moisture found there.

This way, your hair will look shiny and healthy, and you will not even have to visit the beauty salon. If frizz is a usual problem for you, you should go for a blow dryer with tourmaline ceramic and ionic technologies, just like this model.

The negative ions prevent frizz, while tourmaline ceramic ensures even heat, so that your hair does not get burned in places by accident. Customize airflow and heat as you see fit, with the help of the adjustable settings for temperature and speed. Regardless of your hair type, you will find this model to be a wonderful helper for all your hair care needs.

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